About Us

If you are on this page, it means that you have probably never heard of us and want to know more about us.  This is the difficult part since we need to say good things about us without sounding like we are all into ourselves. Here we go.

You can feel safe trusting our products and our team. We have been in business since 1994; we don’t say that show off we want you to have the piece of mind so you can trust enough to do business with us. Our goal is to make our stores the GOOGLE of all auto detail supplies stores. What we mean by that is to be the place where you can just ask us anything regardless of your experience or lack of experience.  Whether you want to know what product, technique, or just share some of your experiences we want to hear from you.  Since we are a family run business we can give you that special one on one attention than the other guys wont.   No gimmicks here, just products that work and people who care.

Contact us at 323-531-5824

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