Affordable Car Wash in Bell

Affordable Car Wash in Bell

Taking your car into a car wash place to have it professionally cleaned can get expensive. With the demands that our everyday life brings, sometimes we have to focus on what our priorities are like paying the bills, the rent, and the car payment. But who says that we can’t do an affordable car wash ourselves?

When you buy your own car wash supplies, you can re-use the products on your car saving yourself money. You also have the ability to personally do the job yourself. It has happened where people take their cars to their local car wash company, and they damaged their car. By the time the insurance companies get involved and fix your car you don’t want to deal with them anymore. There is no need to risk someone else handling your car when you can take care of it yourself and at an affordable price too.

Who better to wash and take care of your car than you! At ADSO, you can pick up items like sponges, buckets, soaps, waxes and tire cleaners. Choosing the right product for your car might sound complicated but in reality, it’s not! Knowing what kind of soap is safe on your car’s paint and even what kind of sponge you can use to make sure that you don’t scratch your car when wiping off the dirt. The staff at ADSO has all the knowledge that is needed to answer any questions you might have pertaining the supplies and how to use them.

There is no question too small. If you are a beginner, feel free to ask any questions without feeling embarrassed. We are located off of Florence Ave and Otis Ave right by World Famous Grill. Stop by and pick up all the items you will need to do your affordable car wash in Bell.


Hand Car Wash Bell

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