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Mobile Car WashIf you are a mobile auto detailer that offers mobile car washes in Bell, ADSO is the perfect place to buy all your car wash supplies. As you already know, your customer’s car is the most important aspect of your job. It is always important to take into consideration the size of car they have. Is it a two-door coupe, a four-door sedan or a truck? Make sure you have enough supplies to get the job done.

Here at ADSO, we have everything you will need to leave your customer’s cars shiny and clean. You will need items like microfiber towels. You will need to make sure you pick the one that compliments the car you are cleaning. Some towels depending on the trim can actually scratch the car’s surface. Then there is also soap to consider, are you using the car wash soap only or soap that includes wax so you can get it done all in one step? Depending on your method of cleaning cars you will know what item to choose.

Next, you might need to consider whether you need to use paint correction products on the car. They will help correct paint imperfections on the car and usually require a 3 step process which includes: using compound, adding polish and finally using glaze to seal in “wet paint look” and giving it that extra pop. There are many top car wash supplies to consider. Does your customer like maintaining their wheels? Some are okay with just car wash soap being used to clean the tires. Other customers prefer the tires to look shiny and glossy.

With so many car wash supplies out there it is important to know the difference between all of them. Here we only mentioned a few that can be used, but there are many more to choose from, ranging from different colors to different textures. If you do mobile car washes in Bell feel free to stop by ADSO and talk to our car detailing experts for the latest tips on car cleaning.


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